Online Projects

As a member of the editorial board of The Immanent Frame (2016-2020), I helped curate a number of conversations around critical issues in the study of religion, secularism, and society. 

As Associate Editor of A Universe of Terms (2019-2020), I co-edited the essay collection at the heart of the digital project, in collaboration with Editor Mona Oraby. The essay collection includes contributions from more than 50 contributors, who wrote brief responses to fourteen significant terms in the lexicon of religious studies. At least three essays respond to each term, which we encouraged contributors to approach from a variety of scholarly and creative styles. By approaching each term through narratives and analyses that reflect their own scholarly and personal experiences, contributors demonstrate how every scholarly concept allows different scholars to bring different aspects of social life into view. Responding in part to an influential volume that described itself as “something like a map for exploring the territory of religion,” our project invites readers to reimagine what the “territory of religion” can include. We hoped that undergraduate students especially would benefit from that invitation. Amplifying the essays conceptually and pedagogically, the broader project also includes evocative visual iconography as well as archives of songs and previous contributions to the Immanent Frame, which Oraby curated.

I also helped curate the essay forum “Gospels of Giving.” As I explain in my introductory essay, the contributions to the forum collectively ask “why, when, and where certain understandings of charity and philanthropy have proven persuasive and powerful.”

For The Immanent Frame’s 10-year anniversary essay forum “Is this all there is?,” I wrote about why many of us feel a sense of obligation to explore our family genealogies—and why not all of us are comparably successful in that pursuit. 

If you are interested in contributing to The Immanent Frame, look out for the publication’s calls for content or reach out to a current member of the editorial board.